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2024 Lost Pines Vendors


NP Blades
Nelson Patterson

Chelette Knives
Gary Chelette

Lake Creek Forge
Jamie Herring

Longshot Forge
Austin Frakes

Stanley Buzek Knives
Stanley Buzek

Taylor Made Knives
Thomas Taylor

Andy Isaacks Knives
Andy Isaacks

Orr Customs
Nicholas Orr

Helton Forge
Billy Helton

Merz Knives
Bob Merz

Zermeno Knives
William Zermeno

Thatcher Made Blades
Jack Thatcher

Jason Howell Knives
Jason Howell

T Abbott Knives
Tucker Abbott

Knife Freak Knives
Victor Gonzales

Truncali Knives
Pete Truncali


Jantz Supply
Knifemaking Supplies

Texas Farrier Supply
Bladesmith, Blacksmith & Farrier Supplies

Texas Knife Steel
Mike and Cheryl Turner
Knife Steel Supplier

Frogjelly Leather
Leather Supplier

Grizzly Two Leather
Travis Sylvest
Leather Products

Nuclayer Systems
Daniel O'Connor Knives

Daniel O'Connor

Nuclayer Products
Japanese Style Knives

Heat Treat Ovens

Wicked Edge
Precision Knife Sharpeners

Heat Treat Ovens

Scales by Sara
Knife Handle Material

Reeder Grinders
Heat Treat Ovens

Other Vendors

Steel Wool
Anna & Thomas Shumate

Hand-forged blacksmith jewelry and
other items

Philip Schrei Photography
Philip Schrei

Knife Photography

JFrasier Photography
Jocelyn Frasier

Knife Photography

Gaskill Knives
Matt Gaskill

Moonlight Forge Texas
Keith Hetrick

Goot Customs
Daniel Gutierrez

JT Knifeworks
John C Thunert

Devils Fork Forge
Aws Dabbakeh

Berryhill Knifeworks
Casey Berryhill

EFM Knives
Eliot Maldonado

Wolf Dog Armory
Byron Ray

Cooey Forge Works
Buster Cooey

Phenix Knives LLC
Cowboy and Ilena Szymanski

Knix Knives
Nick Willhoite

Currington Knives
Kevin Currington

Floorplan Details
coming soon

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